Beauty on Parade: Miss America Hopefuls Debut Their Bikinis Ahead of Pageant

The annual event takes place Sunday in Atlantic City.

Fifty-one scantily clad beauties revealed their swimsuits Thursday ahead of this weekend's Miss America pageant where they will all compete for the crown.

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The ladies hit the stage for the preliminary swimwear competition wearing brightly colored bikinis.

Miss Texas Margana Wood, 23, beamed as she stepped onto the stage in Atlantic City, N.J.

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey that has rocked her hometown of Houston was close to her heart.

“Thankfully, my home and my family, we are safe,” she told Inside Edition. “I think we were in an extremely lucky pocket because six blocks around us, it was all flooded.”

Miss Florida Sara Zeng, 22, is a classical pianist. She's also concerned about those in Hurricane Irma's path.

“All I can think about is their well-being and safety and that the storm passes and nothing happens, but if it does, I’m right there with them,” she said.

Miss Mississippi Anne Elizabeth Buys, 22, showed Inside Edition how she gets her rock hard abs. She planks for 12 minutes in heels and her sash.

Miss Nevada Andrea Martinez, 23, recently completed her training at the Las Vegas Police Academy.

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“I was actually in the top 15 percent of my recruiting class," she said proudly. "That was great! I beat out a bunch of guys."

Reigning Miss America Savvy Shields will be giving up her crown Sunday.

She has this advice for the woman who takes her place: “Making sure you're writing your experiences, what you love and what you've experienced and writing it down, making sure you're remembering it and processing it and not just blink and everything's gone."

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