Boy Who Underwent 22 Brain Surgeries Attends His First Day of School

Dylan Lipton-Lesser, 5, has battled life-threatening conditions since birth, and is due to have more brain surgeries in his future.

Attending his first day of school was all the more special for this Virginia boy, who overcame 22 brain surgeries before getting there.

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Dylan Lipton-Lesser, 5, of Chesterfield County rolled into his first day of kindergarten in his brightly colored walker earlier this week.

His moms, India Lipton 45, and Shirley Lesser, 54, were excited to watch him hit the milestone.

“His first day, it was great,” Lipton told "He was a little overwhelmed [but] it was a little exciting. Things are good enough for him to be at school."

Although Lipton said she and Dylan's other mwas called to the school to bring him more medication Thursday, she said her son is doing well and making friends in both his regular classes and his special education classes.

“The boys are always thinking of him like their little brother,” she said. “That’s what happens with Dylan. His personality tends to have kids of all ages cheering him on and really supporting him.”

She explained Dylan was born 11 weeks premature, which sparked various other health complications that included brain bleeds, infections and hydrocephalus.  

To treat the life-threatening conditions, doctors had to operate on his brain 22 times.

“He’s been through quite a lot of hospitalizations, a lot of therapy,” Lipton explained. “They did not expect him to live.”

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But Dylan exceeded their expectations, and except for things he has learned to do his own way, including communicating through sign language and speaking and getting around with the help of his leg braces, Lipton said he’s just like any other 5-year-old boy.

“He’s so full of joy,” his mom said. “He’s a lot of fun. He’s a handful, as all little boys should be.”

Dylan still has risky brain surgeries in his future, but for now, Lipton explained they continue to live by their family motto: “Celebrate everything.”

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