Cheerleader Eaten by Mascot Shares Her Trick

It's the half-time trick that has the nation buzzing. A cheerleader is eaten by a Raptor mascot in one quick bite. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the stunt everybody's talking about! A cheerleader is swallowed whole by a mascot in one quick bite!

The trick has been viewed over 360,000 times on YouTube. And now we're hearing for the first time from the cheerleader herself.

"One bite and I'm gone!" said 19-year-old Sarah.

This is her first year on the cheerleading squad of the NBA's Toronto Raptor's. She's already become a crowd favorite thanks to the dazzling trick.

'I'm one of the smaller people on the team, so I got chosen," said Sarah.

Dance coordinator Amberly Waddell says the stunt always brings down the house. "The crowd reaction is great, everyone is completely shocked. The first time I saw it I was shocked too," said Waddell.

It's a closely-guarded secret how the stunt is done, but we got this behind-the-scenes look as Sarah practiced it with the Raptor mascot.  After devouring Sarah, the mascot tries to carry her away, but then he spits her out.

INSIDE EDITION asked her how it feels to be devoured night-after-night by a mascot?

"It's really fun!" said Sarah.

Watch a video of Sarah being eaten by the Raptor mascot here.