Anthony Weiner Faces Controversy Over Twitter Picture

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner faces a storm of controversy over a lewd photo that reportedly appeared on his Twitter stream addressed to a female college student. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Angry words come from embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner in a mushrooming controversy over a raunchy photo.

"You do the questions, I do the answers, and this jackass interrupts me. How about that as the new rule of the game?" said Weiner to a group of reporters.

A photo of a man in his underwear was sent via Weiner's Twitter account to a coed in Seattle.

Weiner, a New York Democrat, claims someone hacked into his account and sent the picture. But he repeatedly refused to answer questions directly when he faced reporters on Capitol Hill.

"I am not going to permit myself to be distracted by this issue any longer," said Weiner.

When reporters kept at it, Weiner got testy.

"Why don't you do the briefing? You want to do the briefing, sir?" said Weiner to a reporter.

The New York Post calls the exchange "cringeworthy" with Weiner "squirming" throughout.

On Wednesday, Weiner insisted he had not sent the photo. But during an interview with MSNBC he raised even more eyebrows when he refused to rule out the idea that it could be him in the picture.

A reporter asked, "That's not a picture of you?"

"You know, I can't say with certitude. My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated. Pictures can be dropped in and inserted," replied Weiner.

The controversy has been dubbed "Weinergate," and although the congressman says someone hacked into his Twitter account, which would be a federal crime, he has not reported the security breach to police. The question being asked by everyone is: why not?

Comedian Jon Stewart is actually a buddy of the congressman, dating back to college days when Stewart had friends who shared a beach house with Weiner. 

"As a friend, I really hope that this story is not true. I really do. I would feel terrible if this was true," said Stewart on The Daily Show.

The female coed who received the raunchy photo is not the only young woman that Weiner follows on Twitter.

Under the headline "Weiner's Tweet-Hearts," the New York Post says a surprising number of the Twitter users that Weiner follows are "total babes."

The Weiner controversy comes after another New York State congressman, Christopher Lee, resigned after sending a bare-chested photo of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.