After 3 Hurricanes and a Powerful Earthquake, Social Media Asks: 'Is It the End of the World?'

There is internet speculation that the natural disasters are signs of God's judgment.

The earthquake in Mexico is the latest natural disaster to strike the Earth as three hurricanes churn in the Atlantic basin.

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Friday's 8.2-magnitude quake, said to be the strongest to hit Mexico in a century, has triggered tsunami warnings not just in the country but also in Ecuador, New Zealand and Vanuatu, according to the National Weather Service's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The quake comes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the extraordinary existence of three hurricanes at once — Irma, Jose and Katia — that followed the disastrous wrath of Hurricane Harvey.

Some are claiming on social media that the disasters are a signal of the apocalypse.

"Storms like this precede the end of days,” was one tweet.

"Hurricanes, earthquakes ... It is a sign,” said another Twitter user.

"There's no question that [in] events like this, they bring up our own sense of mortality," psychiatrist Keith Ablow told Inside Edition. "You don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring... [but] it is not the end of days. People have unbelievable resilience." 

Televangelist Jim Bakker is pitching emergency buckets of freeze-dried food, argued that what happened in Houston is a flood “from God.” He added that Mother Nature's violent outbursts are “judgment on America, somehow.”

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Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron filmed a message about the hurricanes as he was catching a flight out of Orlando Airport, along with Floridians and tourists fleeing Hurricane Irma.

“We know that weather is sent to cause us to respond to God in humility, awe and repentance,” he said.

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