College Student Looking to Escape Irma Falls Asleep on Train, Wakes Up Alone in Rail Yard

Claire Connelly was forced to call the police after she was stranded and unable to get out of the train car.

A college student trying to escape the wrath of Hurricane Irma found herself facing another nightmare as she woke up alone and locked inside a train car at a rail yard.

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Florida Gulf Coast University freshman Claire Connelly evacuated campus with the rest of the student body, heading home by train to be with her family in New Jersey.

Connelly said she spent close to $1,000 for a flight home and drove six hours to an airport. She then had a layover in Detroit, and landed in Newark on Wednesday after hours of traveling.

The exhausted student was on the last leg of her journey when she boarded the New Jersey Transit train and fell asleep.

When she finally woke up, the train was completely empty. She was in the rail yard, 40 miles from home — and the train doors were locked shut.

"I literally just fell asleep on my train. I'm on a train. There is no one on," she said from the desolate train in a video she posted to Twitter. "I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help. No one answered. The train was completely empty and shut down for the night."

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The student tweeted at New Jersey Transit for help. She also called 911 and police came to rescue her and she was finally greeted by her parents, who came to pick her up.

A New Jersey Transit social media representative did eventually get back to her, but not until after she had been rescued.

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