Roommates Bring Their Horses Inside Their House During Hurricane Irma

"We live in a concrete house so we knew our house would be okay," said barrel racer Georgia Mott, 19.

Two horses found shelter in the laundry room of their owners’ home as Hurricane Irma was slated to destroy their barn.

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Georgia Mott, 19, and her roommate Taittyn Fischer, 18, of Okeechobee County didn’t want to risk their horses Goose and Dixie by leaving them out in the storm.

“We live in a concrete house so we knew our house would be okay,” Mott, a barrel racer, told “To keep the horses safe, we thought it would be a better idea to put the horses in the laundry room."

She said they covered the floor with two tarps and laid down some shavings and hay so the horses would be comfortable. They also hung some buckets for water so the horses would have something to drink.

They brought Goose and soon-to-be-mom Dixie into the makeshift shelter Saturday night and spent the rest of the weekend in Mott and Fischer’s laundry room.

“It sounded like my house was about to blow away. It was really bad all night,” Mott said. “We had a tornado right down the road from us.”

The hurricane left the pasture flooded, and while the barn was intact and remains standing, Mott said things left lying in the yard could have flown and hit the horses if they had been kept outside.

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Goose and Dixie were brought back outside Monday morning, where conditions are still windy but have calmed down since the weekend.

“We were pretty lucky,” she said.

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