Kasems at War: Inside the Conflict Among Iconic DJ Casey Kasem's Surviving Relatives Over His Estate

Both sides have accused the other of being responsible for the legendary radio man's death.

It's been three years since the death of radio legend Casey Kasem, and the war between his surviving family members rages on.

There are competing wrongful death suits between Kasem’s widow and the children from his first marriage and it has gotten ugly, especially when it comes to his mansion.

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Inside Edition’s cameras caught a confrontation at the legendary DJ's Bel-Air estate, which was once a breathtaking property. Now, it's in a shocking state of neglect.

His widow, Jean, accuses Kasem’s own kids from his first marriage of killing her husband.

Kasem’s eldest daughter, Kerri, 45, fired back at her stepmom on the property, saying: “We did not kill him. We took him to a hospital to save his life!”

Inside Edition toured the home four years ago, when it was on the market for $42 million.

It has since fallen into a state of disrepair, and police were on the property saying they are trying to keep the peace between the warring Kasems.

Liberty Kasem, 27, the DJ’s only child with Jean, is agitated because movers have shown up unannounced to empty out the house. The property is being held in a trust for safekeeping while the dispute is resolved. 

“They're taking everything," Liberty told Inside Edition. "They want everything."

Liberty is on her mother's side of the dispute and does not believe the widow inflicted any harm on her husband. 

“I have the grant deed to the house,” Jean claims. “That shows I am the sole owner.”

Jean is a former actress who is best known for her role as Loretta Tortelli in Cheers.

She's been in hiding for three years and recently suffered a broken foot. Despite her injury, she's doing what she can to stop her late husband's assets from being seized.

Jean was seen trying to physically block the attorney for the trust as he enters the property.

Liberty Kasem is the only person living in the vast mansion, which is currently without power and water. Her situation is so desperate that she recently went on Facebook to issue a plea for help.

Kerri Kasem has argued that Jean and Liberty are ruining the property.

“The house hasn’t been taken care of, the taxes aren’t paid, they destroyed everything, and they’ve killed everything,” she claims.

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Both sides are accusing the other of being responsible for the death of Casey Kasem, who succumbed to Lewy body dementia at 82.

“She unplugged my dad from his feeding tube,” Kerri claims. “The doctor said, 'If you take Casey out of this hospital, you are putting him in grave danger.'"

Jean claims her late husband's other kids "killed him for a life insurance policy and to go after all of our assets."

The Los Angeles District Attorney declared two years ago there was insufficient evidence to warrant any charges in Kasem's death.

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