Stranger Solves Bride's Wedding Cake Disaster Just in Time: 'She Is the Sweetest Lady'

The cake collapsed the day before the bride's wedding.

A stranger saved the day for a woman whose wedding cake was smashed the night before her big day.

Millie Maltby was traveling to her venue in Brixham, England, last week to drop off her wedding cake, which she made herself, when the unexpected happened.

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“We had been joking about the entire journey about my husband’s driving and the state the cake would be in,” Maltby said. “It was a really hot day and we got caught in a lot of traffic.”

When Millie’s now husband went to lift the cake out and check it, he immediately noticed something was wrong.

“The middle layer had just collapsed from very liquid buttercream that was solid when we had left,” Maltby said. “He looked at me completely devastated. He felt awful, kept apologizing.”

Berry Head Hotel staff told the bride they would try and find a solution. Maltby said she tried to push it to the back of her mind as she enjoyed time with her family on the night before her wedding.

Maltby said being that she is baker in her family, she was sad her family may not get to see her creation.

Clare Vaz, who owns Pattys Piece of Cake, happened to stop by the hotel that night and heard the story of what happened and wanted to help.

“I happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Vaz said on Facebook of the moment she heard about the bride's dilemma.

While Vaz didn’t have time to bake a new cake because of the intricacy of what Maltby had done, she improvised instead. She used a dummy cake for the middle tier and decorated it. She fixed the bottom and top tiers of the cake that had been partially smashed. 

“You can't have a wedding without a cake! I know how long it would have taken the bride to make her stunning creation and it was heartbreaking to see it the way it was," Vaz told "I just had to do something to help them both."

When Maltby realized what Vaz had done, she was shocked at the stranger's kindness.

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“When I was told the story of how it was fixed I was shocked that someone would go to all that effort for a stranger. It's just not something you see a lot anymore,” Maltby said. “She gave up her evening in order to fix the cake as she wanted me to have the perfect wedding day — a woman she'd never met.”

Maltby said the two have since talked to each other on social media.

“She is the sweetest lady and I really was blessed to have her around that day," she added.

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