Sarah Palin Dodges Massachusetts Tornado

Sarah Palin's bus tour was caught off guard in Massachusetts when freak tornadoes ripped through the state as they were heading to Boston. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Four people were killed by the Massachusetts tornadoes, and the devastation is almost incomprehensible. In the midst of this destruction, however, is one very lucky woman.

Sarah Palin is counting her lucky stars today. Her tour bus, bound for Boston, happened to be riding along I-90 in Massachusetts and was just outside Worcester when giant funnel clouds turned day into night.

Reporters covering the Palin tour began frantically tweeting: "Radio saying tornado warning in place right now in Worcester where #Palinbustour is racing toward Boston."

But Palin's luck held out. Had her bus been going just a bit faster, Palin could have found herself in the throws of disaster.

Another reporter following Palin tweeted: "A tornado ripped across the road in front of the #palinbustour, we don't know how many minutes difference yet."

"The damage we saw was shocking," Palin posted on her Facebook page.

And so, with Palin successfully dodging the terrifying storm, her bus tour (and potential presidential run) continues. Palin, along with the other Massachusetts  tornado survivors, most certainly will not forget her narrow escape.