Teen Sexted by Anthony Weiner Reveals Shamed Lawmaker's 'Disgusting' Messages: 'Your Body Is Insane'

She says that it wasn't long after first conversing with Weiner that the messages "went downhill."

The teenager whose online relationship with Anthony Weiner threw Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign into a tailspin and perhaps changed the course of American history has broken her silence.

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The young lady, whose name is being withheld because she is a minor, told Inside Edition that Weiner’s text messages to her were “disgusting” and that the disgraced former New York politician knew she was 15 at the time of their interactions.

The teen is showing her face on TV for the first time, with her father's permission.

"It was through a direct message on Twitter,” she said of how she first came into contact with Weiner in January 2016. “I just sent him a nice message: ‘Hello, I’m a huge fan.'"

Weiner's wife, Hillary Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abedin, was at the peak of her influence. On the campaign trail, she was always at Clinton’s side.

Weiner communicated with the teen on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the controversial messaging sites Kik and Confide. Sometimes Weiner hid his identity using the screen name “T Dog.”

"I knew that it was going downhill very fast,” the teen said. "He called me attractive.”

“’You are kinda sorta gorgeous," read one message from the former congressman. "Your body is pretty insane."

He also sent other obscene messages to the minor that Inside Edition is withholding due to their explicit content.

Weiner also sent her photos showing him bare-chested, including a shot that the teen found particularly upsetting, featuring his young child.

"I was disgusted," she said. "That was part of the reason I came forward."

Inside Edition’s Diane McInerney, who conducted the interview with the teen, asked if Weiner ever spoke about his wife.

"Last time they had been sexually involved. He said it had been a year,” the teen claimed. "I didn't know what to do, turn him in?"

In September 2016, the FBI came knocking on her door.

"They showed up at my house with a subpoena from New York," the teen said.

The FBI also had a subpoena for Weiner, confiscating all his electronic devices, including a laptop used by Abedin. That's when the agents found thousands of emails between Abedin and Clinton, which led then-FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s private email server just 11 days before the election. 

During a rally at the end of October, as news got out about Weiner, Donald Trump told supporters in Warren, Mich.: “I never thought we would be saying thank you to Anthony Weiner.”

Clinton says it was a blow from which her campaign never recovered.

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"Eleven days before the election. And it raised the specter that, somehow, the investigation was being reopened," Clinton told CBS Sunday Morning. "It just stopped my momentum... At the same time he does that about a closed investigation, there's an open investigation into the Trump campaign and their connections with Russia. You never hear a word about it. And when asked later, he goes, 'Well, it was too close to the election.' Now, help me make sense of that. I can't understand it."

The teen's dad told Inside Edition that his first reaction when he found out was to go after Weiner.

"My instant reaction was to find him and destroy him,” the father, who asked not to be named or pictured, told Inside Edition. “But then you think about your child, and if you act on your instincts you couldn't be there for your child."

The teen says she finally feels comfortable talking about the remarkable role she played in the greatest upset in U.S. political history — the election of Donald Trump.

"I think it made some people question Hillary Clinton,” the teen said.

Anthony Weiner pled guilty to sending obscene material to a minor. Later this month, he's expected to be sentenced to around two years in federal prison. Huma Abedin is in the process of divorcing him.

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