Rescuers Save Adorable Baby Seal Abandoned by Her Mom

The pup was only a day old.

A day-old seal pup has been rescued by volunteers after the animal was abandoned by its mother in the U.K. 

The female grey seal, which they named Morwenna, was rescued from a beach after it was spotted crying for a whole day by a bystander who called authorities. 

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Volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue and the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust responded and waited several hours with the pup to determine whether the mother would return to feed the baby. She did not.

Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group was then joined by Tamara Cooper, curator at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, and they both headed down to the beach to rescue the newborn animal in a video shared by SWNS.

"We knew straight away that the pup needed rescuing and this might be our only chance to save its life,” Cooper said. "I was easily able to immobilize the pup with a towel and assess its condition.”

Thankfully, the animal wasn’t injured. It was bundled in a rescue back and carried to safety.

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"She is being fed every four hours and the team are just starting to introduce her to fish soup, to ensure she is gaining weight correctly,” Cooper said.

The pup will be cared for at an indoor hospital at Seal Sanctuary at Gweek for weeks until she can feed herself. She will then be moved to outdoor nursery pools.

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