Newlyweds Who Fell Off Convertible on Wedding Night Get Another Try With 'CHiPs' Star's Help

The couple's first night as a couple got off to a rather bumpy start.

The Texas couple who became reluctant internet sensations after tumbling off their getaway car on their wedding night has gotten another chance to get it right.

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Hana Noland, 26, and her husband, Tyler, 27, tied the knot on July 1 in McKinney, Texas. As they were leaving their reception, they sat on the back of a Mercedes convertible, waving to guests, when the driver put the pedal to the metal and they fell off the back of the car.

“It’s so hard to watch but it's so funny,” they couple told Inside Edition. 

Flying backwards, the newlyweds hit the ground as all their stunned wedding guests could only watch in astonishment.

“It was kind of our fault; we were egging the driver [on],” Hana admitted. “[Tyler] said, ‘Punch it,’ and I said, ‘Let go, Dave.'"

The groom's father even chased after the driver in an outburst of fury, screaming, "You f***ing idiot!' as guests rushed over to help the couple.

“It looks so terrible, in the moment," Tyler said. "I didn’t ever realize how bad it was."

“The videos make it look like we broke our whole body but we barely had any bruises," Hana added. "So were fine."

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Inside Edition offered them the fairytale ending they deserve by cautiously driving them off on the back of a 1965 Mustang convertible with the help of CHiPs star Larry Wilcox serving as the driver.

“I am going to try to hold on to her as hard as I can and hold on the car as well,” the concerned husband said just before riding off.

“No stunts today,” Wilcox promised.

They rode off without any issue, having a successful do-over of the night that they will never forget.

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