Naked Man Goes to Neighbor's Home, Says He Killed Mother and Grandparents: Cops

Orion Krause, 22, is also accused of slaying an in-home caregiver.

An accused killer allegedly showed up at a Massachusetts home last week with a chilling confession.

"I murdered four people," Orion Krause, 22, reportedly told a Groton resident after cops say he left the scene of the crime and knocked on the neighbor's door while in the nude.

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The victims have been identified as the defendant’s grandparents, Elizabeth Lackey, 85, and Frank Lackey, 89, his mother, Elizabeth Krause, 60, and in-home health care provider Bertha Mae Parker, 68.

The neighbor, Wagner Alcocer, told The Associated Press that the suspect's eyes were red and he had cuts on his body. 

"He looked like a nice kid who needed help; he was skinny [and] tall," Alcocer said. "I thought he was the victim of the prank, or in an accident or had a mental health problem. He wasn't bleeding profusely or anything."

Following his arrest, Krause was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Prosecutors said the preliminary investigation suggests Krause traveled from Maine, to the Boston area Thursday, according to a statement from the Middlesex District Attorney.

According to reporting from the Courier-Gazette, Krause grew up in the town of Rockport, where he stood out as a musical talen before enrolling in Oberlin College's music conservatory outsdie Cleveland in 2013.

He graduated from the school in May.

On Friday, the defendant’s mother met the defendant and they traveled together to visit the defendant’s grandparents at their home in Groton, investigators say.

At some point following his arrival at the home, police say the defendant allegedly attacked the four adults in and around the home causing fatal, blunt force injuries to the victims.

One of the victims was found outside the home and the other three were found in the home. Investigators removed a baseball bat from the yard that appears to have been used in the attack.

Krause has been arraigned on four counts of murder.

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The next court date is a status date on the competency of the defendant, tentatively scheduled for October 30. Pending a full hearing, and as the investigation is still open and ongoing, the police reports have been temporarily withheld, prosecutors said.

The motive behind this alleged attack remains part of the open and ongoing investigation being conducted by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, the Groton Police Department and Massachusetts State Police.

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