Indiana Jones and the Traffic of Doom: Harrison Ford Directs Cars After He's Caught in Bottleneck

The "Blade Runner" star took matters into his own hands.

Harrison Ford may have played an adventurer, space pilot and even the president on screen, but has the Blade Runner actor become a crossing guard in New York City?

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The actor was spotted directing traffic in New York City Monday after he was stuck in a jam.

The bizarre sight came as the 75-year-old’s chauffeured Mercedes got stuck in a traffic jam at the entrance of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel on Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

That's when the Indiana Jones actor emerged from the car, stood in the middle of the busy street and started directing traffic.

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Pedestrians couldn't believe what they were seeing, with many asking, "Is that really him?"

In the end, Ford was helpful in getting other drivers out of the jam and on their merry way.

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