Jury Hears Extent of Casey Anthony's Web of Lies

The jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial heard the extent of the lies that Casey Anthony told the police as they desperately tried to find her missing daughter. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Today the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial heard the tape of her dramatic confrontation with detectives over the web of lies she told them as they searched for her missing daughter.
"Everything you've told me so far has been a lie. I know and you know that everything you've told me is a lie. Including where Caylee is right now," said a detective.

During the police interrogation, Casey stuck to her claim that she had given her 2-year-old daughter Caylee to a nanny.

Casey Anthony: "I do not know where she is. She's the last person that I have seen my daughter with."
Detective: "We know that's not the truth."

The interrogation happened in, of all places, Universal Studios in Orlando. Casey falsely claimed she worked there and detectives took her to the park to confront her with her lies.

Detective Yuri Melich called her "a cold-blooded callous monster" on the tape. In the background, a police officer can be heard banging the table.  

Detective: "Tell us what happened to Caylee! Tell us what happened to Caylee!"
Casey Anthony: "I dropped off Caylee and that's the last time that I've seen her."
Detective: "No you didn't. No you didn't."
Casey Anthony: I would not have let anything happen to my daughter.

"There's nothing in Casey Anthony's voice that leads me to believe that she's at all concerned that her daughter's been apparently kidnapped.

"Nope. She said, 'I have no idea where my daughter is and all I want to do is find her,' in the calmest voice you ever heard from a mom. It's horrifying and I think we were stupefied in the courtroom, really," says Aphrodite Jones of Investigative Discovery's True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.

Incredibly Casey Anthony made up yet another lie during her police interrogation. She claimed she had spoken by phone to her little girl since her disappearance.   

Detective: "What did your daughter say to you?"
Casey Anthony: "She said, 'Hi, Mommy!'"
Detective: "Your daughter hasn't seen you in over a month and she's not..."
Casey Anthony: "She was excited. She was excited to talk to me."

She claimed Caylee hung up when she asked to speak to the nanny. It's now beyond doubt Caylee was already dead.    

Suddenly I saw a couple of those jurors take a different kind of look at Casey and that look was, you know what, we're not buying it anymore," says Jones.

Casey faces the death penalty if convicted. She claims Caylee drowned in a swimming pool.