Off the Rails: Rude Riders Making the Commute a Nightmare on Some Trains, Investigation Finds

Those who ride the rails to work are fed up with their discourteous fellow commuters.

Passengers are getting fed up with rude behavior on planes, trains and buses.

From speaking too loudly on a cell phone to eating on a train and even clipping toe nails, commuters have had enough.

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Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero boarded the Long Island Rail Road in New York to see firsthand what kind of rude behavior passengers experience all too often.

She saw "seat hogs" — people taking up more than one seat, including one man who was taking up three seats while watching videos like he was on his living room couch. Then there were the "recliners,” who were seen getting comfortable by putting their filthy shoes on seats where other passengers have to sit.

Guerrero approached a mother and daughter about having their feet up on the seats.

“Guess what is one of the No. 1 peeves people have when they go on the train?” she asked the woman.

"The feet up on the chair,” the woman replied.

“You just got busted,” Guerrero told her.

The woman motioned for Guerrero to take a look at her daughter, who also had her feet up on the seat.

"Does this run in the family?" Guerrero asked.

Then there was a young woman who was apparently getting ready for a night on the town, and she had no problem sharing her deodorant tips with her friends, who could be heard throughout the train car.

An Inside Edition producer asked, “Do you think that you're being loud tonight on this train?"

The young woman responded, "Yes, most definitely being loud.”

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But nothing gets fellow passengers more upset than loud conversations on cell phones or watching videos with the volume turned up.

One man was in the “quiet car” chanting, “Let’s go Yankees!” at the top of his lungs.

And another man was watching a video on his phone with the volume up so loud that other passengers could hear.

Anthony Lombard got so fed up with rude behavior that he started his own website, Man's Marbles: Exploring The Things That Drive You Nuts.

“I've seen people picking their nose,” he told Inside Edition. “There's a video on the website showing someone eating. He used 20, maybe 30, napkins and one at a time threw them under the seat.”

Another of Lombard’s peeves is people blocking the aisles with their bags. Sometimes he even issues a special “ticket” to people exhibiting rude behavior.

“Pardon me sir," Lombard said to one passenger. "I wanted to give you a ticket for obnoxious behavior for putting your bag in the aisle when there is a luggage rack available."

Guerrero also spoke to a conductor, who has his own complaint: garbage left behind by rude passengers.

Inside Edition found plenty of bottles, cans, and food containers dumped on the seats and floors of almost every train we rode.

His message to passengers? "Take your trash with you."

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