Suzanne Somers Reveals Her Secrets to Staying Young

Suzanne Somers reveals her secrets for looking and feeling young in the documentary How to Live Forever which looks at people around the world who are living long and active lives. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A 101-year-old British man hasn't let time slow him down. Believe it or not, the centenarian actually runs marathons and smokes cigarettes and drinks a beer at each rest stop.

A 92-year-old fisherman in Okinawa dives nearly every day and can hold his breath longer than people half his age.

And an Indian spiritual guide maintains his youth by practicing what he calls laughter yoga which he believes is the path to longevity.

These age-defying people are featured in a new documentary called How to Live Forever. The movie also includes Suzanne Somers, who seems to have found her own fountain of youth.

At age 64, the blonde beauty still exudes the sex appeal of Chrissy, the character she famously played in Three's Company 35 years ago.

Her secret to staying young will get your attention.

"I really think sexuality is a huge part of aging well because a healthy person is a sexual person," said Somers.

She says she rediscovered her libido and recaptured her youth after creating a hormone replacement therapy that includes consuming 60 pills a day.

"There's coritsol, there's omega three fatty acids, those are the dark ones, turmeric," Somers explained.

Filmmaker Mark Wexler says these age defying people have an important lesson to teach us.

"They all shared similar characteristics. One, a really unbelievable sense of humor. They saw the glass as half full. They all had a mission and purpose in life," said Wexler.

His film takes the audience around the world in search of one question: Is it possible to cheat death?

Like the dozens of people featured in the film who seemed to have found the secret to staying young, Suzanne Somers also seems determined to live a long life and look good in the process.

"I do expect to be here until about 100, 110 [years old]," said Somers.