Gator Fished Out of Resident's Swimming Pool, Taken Into Custody for Trespassing

There's something lurking beneath those Florida flood waters.

Look what the Cat. 2 hurricane dragged in!

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A Brevard County, Fla., homeowner was surveying the damage left by Hurricane Irma when officials fished out an alligator that was sitting at the bottom of his swimming pool.

“He’s more scared than you are,” someone in the background could be heard saying in a video of the reptile's removal.

Officer Oscar Pimentel was responding to a call when a resident reported a gator that appeared to have gotten disoriented from the storm and ended up in someone’s pool, according to the video posted to the Cocoa Police Department’s Facebook page.

Using a mesh pool skimmer, Pimentel could be seen fishing around the pool until he finally scooped up the tiny gator.

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“He’s going in the back of the squad car for trespassing,” another voice announced.

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