Seat Deal! Mom Negotiates $4,000 From Airline After Giving Up Spot on Overbooked Flight

She plans on going to Hawaii with the money.

A Georgia mom was able to negotiate the mother of all deals with Delta Airlines after she gave up her seat on an overbooked flight last week.

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Tracy Jarvis Smith was preparing to fly with her husband and 14-year-old son to the University of Georgia-Notre Dame football game in Indiana last weekend when her it was announced that their Delta flight from Atlanta was overbooked.

Being that the majority of passengers were passionate football fans, they were highly unlikely to give up their seats and miss the game.

Under Delta's new policy, she knew the airline would keep raising its offer to passengers to give up their seats and she decided to hold out until the very last moment, when she was given $4,000.

"It started out as this big auction on the plane and I said to my husband if they get to $4,000, I am pressing the button," she told Inside Edition. “The number started at $500 and there were no takers right away."

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She knew she was in a good negotiating position. Since the notorious incident in April when Dr. David Dao was dragged off an overbooked United flight in April, airlines have altered their policy on compensation for those who voluntarily give up their seats.

“I honestly think they did not get to that number,” she admitted. “I laughed. “I was like, ‘There is no way they are getting to $4,000 without anyone taking that.'"

After getting a later flight as part of the deal, the mom of three landed in Indiana just eight hours after her original ETA. She plans to use the money she got from Delta for a trip to Hawaii.

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