After Nursing Home Deaths, Survival Expert Shares Tips on How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

It's information that could save lives.

Following the tragic death of eight nursing home residents in sweltering Florida heat this week, citizens are pulling out all the stops to stay cool as parts of the state remain without power. 

Survival expert Shane Hobel says there are procedures to follow if the air conditioning goes out.

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He says that one of the simplest things you could do is drink room temperature water. 

"Reason being, if we have ice water, our body wants to heat that water up," Hobel said. "It is actually making us warmer inside." 

Eight elderly patients have died after experiencing extreme heat at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills Wednesday when the air conditioning failed.

A room-by-room search discovered 40 other residents with life threatening conditions and most on the second floor.

Witnesses said it felt like 110 degrees in the facility.

Millions remain without power in Florida and are struggling in the sub-tropical climate without air conditioning.

Inside Edition found the Petrou family of Miami Shores hosing their kids down to keep them cool.

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They're doing everything they can think of keep the house livable, like soaking bandanas in water and tying them loosely around their heads to stay cool. 

The family is even using blackout curtains to keep the sun out, even if it is a few degrees cooler, it helps them. They are also utilizing battery-powered fans. 


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