Wife of 'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Reveals Anguish Over His 'Betrayal': 'I Still Love Him'

Inside Edition spoke to Melissa Meeks exclusively.

For Melissa Meeks, her husband's sudden fame as a result of his viral mugshot came as a surprise, but so did betrayal when he was spotted canoodling with a British heiress aboard a yacht.

“Did I want him to succeed? Absolutely,” she told Inside Edition of her husband, Jeremy Meeks. “I was happy for him."

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When Jeremy Meeks was released from prison following a firearms possession conviction in 2016, Melissa was eager to have her him home.

“We are talking about my husband that I loved deeply, very deeply, very dearly," she said. "I still love him.”

But Jeremy's blue eyes and chiseled cheeks got him the "hot felon" moniker and a modeling contract, for which he was jet-setting around the world on assignments and launching a new eyewear campaign with supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Melissa said she grew concerned about the allure of money and fame.

“You’ve heard stories," she told Inside Edition. "You’ve seen stuff happen."

Then it did happen, when photos of him cavorting on yachts and beaches with Chloe Green, the daughter of British retail billionaire Philip Green of Topshop fame.

Melissa was stunned when she saw the photos.

“I was in shock,” she said. "I didn’t know what to think. I was hoping it wasn't true.”

She says she was shaken to the core. After all, she had stood by her husband through the bad times as well as the good times, like the birth of their son.

“This is not anything I expected,” she said. “I felt hurt. I felt betrayed.”

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Jeremy filed for separation nine days after the photo of him with Green was published.

His wife has hired famed attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her.

“This is a woman who worked very hard behind the scenes, supporting her family, standing by him during his incarceration and even afterwards and she just wants what she is legally entitled to,” Bloom told Inside Edition.

Melissa is home in Stockton, Calif., and she still can't get over those photos of her husband, living it up on yachts and other exotic locations with the billionaire heiress.

“I believed in him, I believed in us,” she said. “I truly though this would have a happy ending. It didn't have a happy ending for me.”

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