Did Police Believe Casey Anthony Was Speaking to Her Father in Code?

A surveillance tape of George Anthony visiting Casey Anthony prison reveals that, according to George, detectives believed he and Casey were communicating in code. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Today the jury in the Casey Anthony trial watched surveillance tape of a dramatic prison visit between Casey Anthony and her father George. But are they speaking in code?

George Anthony tells Casey detectives videotaping the visits believe they are.

George Anthony: "They think we're speaking in code or we're sending some kind of signals to each other. We're not."
Casey Anthony: "We're not."

George tells his weeping daughter that Caylee is still alive.

George Anthony: "I know she's close. I can feel her every night before I go to bed. I go out and I say, 'Caylee you are the moon, the stars, and the sky, sweetheart.' "

At the time of the taping, Caylee's third birthday was just days away.

George Anthony: "I want to have that big party for her. We were first having just a little one but we're going to have a big one, you know?"
Casey Anthony: "Well, I want to be home so we can do that, Dad."

"She says, 'Oh I want Caylee found, I want her to come home,' at times, but then she always reverts back to, 'I want to come home, I'm not happy being here, I want to come home,' and it's really all about her," says Aphrodite Jones of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.

At one point, George tells Casey he wishes he had been a better dad.

George Anthony: "I'm sorry I've been so tough sometimes. I'm sorry."
Casey Anthony: "Dad, it's not your fault. It isn't. We all do things out of love and sometimes..."
George Anthony: "Some tough love, I know."
Casey Anthony: "You know how much I love you, how much I've always loved you. You'll always be my buddy even besides my dad."