Will Sharing a Bed With Your Dogs Come Back to Bite You? Investigation Finds What's Lurking Under Your Pup's P

It could be a dangerous case of "look what the dog dragged in."

Pet owners love their dogs, many even sleep with them, like 19-year-old Leah Glatzerman, who is inseparable from her dogs Kevin, Charlie and Sashi.    

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So after a day of playing in the backyard and strolling around the neighborhood with her pooches, Leah admitted that “it's a little scary to think about” what they could be bringing into her bed.

Inside Edition decided to find out by swabbing the dogs’ paws and sending samples to the lab.

Another woman, Shanna Wallace, also sleeps with her two small pups, Scottie and Angel.

At her apartment, Inside Edition applied a florescent marker to track her dogs’ paws then turned off the lights and shined an ultraviolet light onto the floor. Shanna’s apartment glowed with pet paw prints all over.

“Your dogs have been all over this apartment -- all over your floor, all over your coffee table, even on your couch,” Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero told Wallace.

Guerrero swabbed their paws too.

When the results came in, Leah was shocked to find out what was on her dogs' paws.

“Kevin, your retriever, has 10 different types of bacteria and two types of fungus. Sahsi, the poodle, has six. coli different types of bacteria and one fungus,” Guerrero said. “Charlie, the poodle, has eight different types of bacteria and one fungus and guess what, all of your dogs had E. coli.”

“Oh my God, they slept next to me last night," Leah said. "Disgusting."

Guerrero also had to break the news to Shanna.

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“For Scottie, we found seven different types of bacteria and one fungus, including one really bad bug that can cause pneumonia, meningitis and urinary tract infections,” Guerrero said.

Shanna’s other dog, Angel, had six different types of bacteria including E.coli.

Shanna was stunned to hear the news.

Surprisingly, both dog owners say they will still let their dogs into the beds, but with new precautions.

“Baby wipes and then wash their feet maybe , they have to sleep with me, I can’t give that up. I'll take the risk,” Shanna told Guerrero.

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