Hurricane Irma Interpreter Under Fire for Gibberish Signing That Included 'Pizza' and 'Monsters'

He was called out on Twitter by actress Marlee Matlin, who called it "outrageous."

It was an urgent evacuation order in Florida as Hurricane Irma loomed, but the sign language interpreter tasked with alerting deaf viewers was actually delivering a message of complete nonsense.

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What he was really communicating to deaf citizens caught up in the hurricane crisis on Sept. 8 were words like “pizza," "monsters" and phrases like "help you at that time to use bear hug.”

"This is outrageous," deaf actress Marlee Matlin posted on social media in response to the press conference.

Officials in Manatee County asked Marshall Greene to step in because no one else was available to sign for deaf audiences.

Greene's mother, his brother, Morgan — who is hearing impaired — and Morgan’s fiancé, Chasah, are coming to his defense.

"He felt that he thought he was able to do it and they felt that he needed to. He said yes," his mom told Inside Edition. "The vocabulary for an evacuation is very different than everyday language."

His brother, who spoke through his fiancé, said that Marshall "only did what he was told to do," adding, "Please leave my family alone." 

The uproar is reminding lots of people of the gibberish signed by a phony interpreter at the 2013 memorial service for Nelson Mandela, where President Obama delivered a eulogy to the late South African leader.

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Unlike Greene, another sign language expert is being praised for his Hurricane Irma work. Sam Harris became a viral star for his vivid expressions as he translated Florida Governor Rick Scott's warnings.

Harris was invited to sign Jimmy Kimmel's monologue earlier this week to big laughs from the audience.

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