She's Lovin' It! High School Student Poses for Hilarious Senior Photos at McDonald's

She goes to the restaurant at least once a week.

A high school student in Mississippi wanted to showcase her love for McDonald’s in her senior portraits.

Mikayla Cleckler, 17, is set to graduate in 2018 from Northeast Jones High School and to honor her longtime love of McDonald’s, she celebrated the milestone at her favorite fast food chain.

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“I texted my cousin and asked if she would take my senior photos for me and she was like, 'You know we have to take them at McDonald’s,” Cleckler told

Cleckler’s cousin, Jana Cooley, took a variety of different photos, from Cleckler posing with French fries, to the teen sipping on a large soda on a sidewalk in front of one of the restaurants.

The teen said she goes to the popular fast food restaurant at least once a week because she loves their chicken sandwiches.

Cleckler’s high school allows senior students to put photos they’ve had taken of themselves on a page in the yearbook, which is exactly what the teen plans to use the photos for.

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She said she will also put the pictures on her graduation invites, but most of all, she is just happy to have the memory.

“We just wanted something different from everyone else’s, something to look back on and laugh,” Cleckler said. “My friends thought the photos were hilarious and so me.”

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