Dog Drops 60 Pounds After Strict Diet - Check Out the Transformation

He also walks about two miles a day.

A Labrador that once weighed 146 pounds has a new "leash" on life after losing 60 pounds, thanks to its new owners.

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At twice the average weight of the breed, Shiloh once refused to go on walks and was considered too fat to play fetch. His unbelievable shape came after he was fed large portions of food by his previous owners.

When Shiloh was adopted last October, his new owners knew he had to drop the pounds.

Heidi Fiore, 42, of Massachusetts spotted an appeal on Facebook to adopt the dog and after he became part of her family, she cut his diet down to two meals and a vegetable per day and brought the pudgy pup on walks.

“When we walked him he could barely make it to the end of the street without stopping to take a break. It would be every 80 feet, he would plop down and refuse to budge,” Fiore told SWNS.

After a few protests for exercise, Shiloh finally began getting acclimated to what his new life was going to be like thanks to his new family which includes Fiore’s husband and three children.

Almost a year later, he weighs 86 pounds and walks two miles a day.

"But it has been really amazing to watch him have more energy and just be a normal Labrador," Fiore told SWNS. "The transformation is amazing."

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Despite the lifestyle change, Fiore says Shiloh still loves food and will do whatever he can to try and sneak a meal, including opening the refrigerator.  

“He is still obsessed with food. The kids have left the fridge open and he will jump up and eat everything,” she said. “He jumped up in a neighbor’s kitchen and ate a plate of cookies and he gets into the trash to find scraps. We do a lot of walks around town and go to the beach. His latest thing is he goes down there and looks for crabs and eats them whole. He really loves food - I don’t think we’ll ever change that.” 

Because of Shiloh’s dramatic weight loss, he has saggy excess skin. Vets have suggested plastic surgery to have it removed.

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