Groups of Cyclists Causing Congestion and Absolute Mayhem in the Streets, Investigation Finds

Young men across the country have taken to the streets, blocking roads and intimidating drivers.

Some young men are taking over the streets with their bicycles in a startling scene that's unfolding across many American cities. The movement is called "Bike Life" and the videos on YouTube get millions of views — showing off the cyclists’ dangerous stunts, disregard for traffic and general mayhem.

Inside Edition went across the country to document the chaos. In Philadelphia, our cameras captured a group of pedestrians nearly bowled over by the cyclists.

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In Santa Cruz, Calif., some riders seemed to take pleasure in intimidating motorists by playing chicken with oncoming vehicles — they even do it to police cars.

Yet the biggest gathering took place over the weekend in New York City as hundreds of riders took to the streets.

Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero tried to keep up with the horde of cyclists but they often shut down traffic and many intersections were totally blocked by the bikes.

An Inside Edition investigative producer, Joe Enoch, captured the chaos on his bike. During the ride, the hundreds of bikers veered onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, one of the busiest highways in America, and turned it into complete mayhem.

“They have shut down the Cross Bronx Expressway, a major four-lane highway,” Enoch said while trying to keep up with the group.

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Traffic came to a standstill as drivers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. One rider even crossed over the divider and pedaled into oncoming highway traffic.

An hour into the craziness, the New York Police Department was able crack down on the group by setting up a road block, causing the riders to scatter.

Guerrero spoke with one of Bike Life’s biggest YouTube stars, known as ZackGoes, about these types of events.

“Some people are going to say you're intimidating pedestrians, you scare people, you know you cause accidents. Is that true?” Guerrero asked.

“I mean, you see the videos. Is it true? I'm not saying I've seen particular instances like that, but it's better than the alternative. It's better than people out here doing drugs, joining gangs and shooting each other. We're just riding bikes,” Zack responded.

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