Kate Gosselin is Looking for Love

Kate Gosselin says her eight kids are ready for her to date again. INSIDE EDITION talks to Gosselin about her search for love and the season premiere of Kate Plus Eight.

Attention all strong, single men: Kate Gosselin is looking for love! TV's most famous single mom says her eight kids are ready for her to settle down again.

"They tell me I am boring by myself, and I think they would like to see a man around the house at some point," Gosselin told INSIDE EDITION.

On the season premiere of her hit TLC show, Kate Plus Eight, Gosselin was glammed up for a girls' night out in New York City. It didn't take long for some eligible bachelors to start flirting with her.

"I'm how many years older? How many years wiser? I get all of their tricks, so you're not going to fool me this time around," Gosselin said.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant wasn't thrilled about the prospect of breaking it down in the packed club.

"It was like the dread of Dancing with the Stars! Walking on that dance floor is like, ahh," she said.

When we asked if the show ruined dancing for Gosselin, she quipped: "No. I ruined dancing for myself!"

As she searches for love this time around, Kate says she has eight very special factors to consider.

"I can't afford to make a mistake because they're watching, and their future depends on it. No pressure," Gosselin said.