Mom-to-Be Tattoos 'It's a Boy' on Husband's Ankle in Unconventional Gender Reveal

Father-to-be Kyle Devaney is a tattoo artist, but it was the first time his wife, Sarah Stonebaker, ever picked up a tattoo machine.

Tattoos are a pretty permanent decision, but then again, so are babies.

A mom-to-be tattooed "it's a boy" on her husband’s ankle in an unconventional gender reveal.

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Sarah Stonebaker, 30, of Philadelphia, was captured in a video licensed to Caters News applying her first ink on her tattoo artist husband Kyle Devaney.

“It’s not the best tattoo I’ve seen, but it’s one of my favorites for sure,” Devaney told

He explained when Stonebaker became pregnant, they wanted to do something different to find out the sex of their baby.

Originally, another artist at Devaney’s shop would tattoo the words to his ankle while both he and Stonebaker were blindfolded, but his wife said she wanted to be more involved, though she's not a tattoo artist.

Stonebaker couldn’t be tattooed herself since she was pregnant.

“We came up with a solution,” he said. “Why doesn’t she just tattoo me?”

Devaney explained he set up all the equipment so it would be sterile and instilled the safety settings so it would be impossible for her to hurt him.

“She hasn’t been trained or gone through apprenticeships or anything, nor was she a tattoo artist,” he explained. "But all my coworkers and friends were watching. She was being supervised.”

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While he pretended to wince from the pain, he said it turned out perfectly and he couldn’t be happier.

“We’re so excited for what the future holds,” Stonebaker told Caters News.

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