Field Hockey Player With Down Syndrome Rejoices With Her Team as She Scores a Goal

"I'm very happy," said Sydney Wilson, a high school senior.

This Pennsylvania high school field hockey team is not complete without Sydney Wilson, a player with Down syndrome, who was embraced lovingly by her teammates after scoring a huge goal.

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Wilson, a senior at Mechanicsburg High, rejoiced with the crowd earlier this month when she scored the crucial goal.

“I’m very happy,” Wilson, 20, told

It has always been her dream to score, she explained, and the moment was all the more exciting with the support of her friends on the team she has been a part of for the last two years.

“Syd has been a really uplifting part of the team,” one of her teammates said. “She’s there to encourage us, and she kind of reminds us why we play this game to begin with, which is just to have fun and come together and represents our school. She really embodies that.”

Their coach Tonya Brown explained the girls make sure to include her and find different ways to keep Wilson involved in the team, even when she’s not on the field.

“She’s always cheering us on from the sidelines and she dances for us,” another teammate said.

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Her teammates said Sydney's support is enough to get them through the game.

“She’s really happy, friendly, positive,” a teammate said. “We love having Syd on our team.”

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