Forensics Expert Gives Compelling Testimony at Casey Anthony Trial

A forensics expert gave dramatic testimony today at the Casey Anthony trial. Dr. Arpad Vass told the court that he found traces of chloroform in Casey Anthony's trunk. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was dramatic testimony today at the Casey Anthony trial as a forensics expert says he found traces of chloroform in the trunk of her car.

The prosecution claims Caylee was rendered unconscious with chloroform before she was killed.

"The chloroform was shockingly high. Unusually high," said Dr. Arpad Vass, America's number one expert on the way bodies decompose. He studied samples of carpet from the trunk of Casey Anthony's car.

"We have never seen chloroform in that level in environmental samples before, at least I never have," said Dr. Vass.

As the expert testified, Casey's parents sat at the rear of the courtroom, George Anthony had his arm around his wife Cindy's shoulder.

Meanwhile, the prosecution is readying some of the most macabre exhibits ever produced at a murder trial.

The prosecution has cans containing what they say is the smell of death, captured in Casey's car.

An attorney asked, "When you first opened it what was your reaction?"

"The odor was extremely overwhelmingly strong. I was shocked that that little bitty can could have that much odor associated with it," said Dr. Vass.

"Do you have an opinion as to whether it was a decomposing human body in the trunk of that car?" the attorney asked.

Dr. Vass said, "I can find no other plausible explanation other than that."

But some legal experts say it's a mistake to put Dr. Vass on the stand.

"That was the dumbest idea the prosecution could do was put that witness on. He's sort of a novel expert, a smell expert, an odor expert, and why in the world did the prosecution do that? They're so over-trying the case," said Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.

Prosecutors want the jury to be allowed to actually open the can and smell the foul air inside.

The judge hasn't decided yet if he will allow that.