Kind Stranger Gives Toddler $20 to Buy Toy Dinosaurs After Losing His Own Grandson

The man said he lost his own grandson weeks ago and wanted to give the boy money to buy the toys he wanted.

An Oklahoma mother was touched when a kind stranger gave her son money for toys after losing his own grandson just weeks before.

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Alyssa Hacker, of Coweta, told she was shopping at a local Target with her son Owen in the stroller when he noticed three dinosaur toys on the shelf.

“I asked Owen which one we were going to take home, because he had so many toys already,” Hacker said.

As the boy was picking out his toy, he yelled, “Hi,” at a stranger passing by the aisle.

“The gentleman that was passing by turned around and made his way over to us,” Hacker said. “The gentleman picked up one of [the dinosaurs] and he was playing with Owen and making dinosaur noises.”

Moments later, she saw the man reach into his pocket and pull out a $20 bill.

"He said, ‘I lost my grandson last week and I want you to buy this little boy all the dinosaurs,'" she explained. "I instantly got tears in my eyes."

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Emotional from the encounter, she shared the experience on Facebook, where it received nearly 200,000 likes.

“I’m just glad Owen was able to be a little ray of sunshine for him,” she said.

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