INSIDE EDITION Reports On Gotti Movie Producer's Past

The new John Gotti movie about one of the crime world's biggest bosses is actually being produced by an ex-con. The I-Squad investigates.

Marc Fiore is the executive producer of one of the most anticipated movies in America, the story of mob boss John Gotti, his son John, Jr., and the rest of the Gotti clan.

The cast is filled with Hollywood heavyweights. John Travolta has the lead role of "The Dapper Don." Also slated to appear are Travolta's wife Kelly Preston, Hollywood mob icon Joe Pesci, and even Al Pacino. Lindsay Lohan is also making her comeback in the film.

The announcement for the film was big news. "This is an open door, insider's look that you've never seen before," said Fiore.

But it may surprise you to learn Fiore is a relative unknown in the movie world. His only prior movie credit is the direct to DVD flop One, Two, Many, starring former Tonight Show announcer John Melendez.

The official biography on Fiore's website looks impressive. He calls himself an "accomplished businessman" with a strong background in "mergers and acquisitions," but there's one thing he doesn't publicize - Fiore is a convicted felon.

In 2002, Fiore, then known as Marco Fiore, pleaded guilty to securities fraud when he managed a Wall Street brokerage firm reportedly connected to the mob. Investors were scammed out of millions of dollars and Fiore was sentenced to four years in a federal prison.

"He was a massively corrupt individual who was in charge of other corrupt individuals whose job it was to rip off investors throughout the country," says author Gary Weiss. Weiss detailed the scam in his book Born to Steal, When the Mafia Hit Wall Street.

"The very worst of them were prosecuted by the feds, Marco being one of the worst of them was arrested," Weiss said.

Fiore denied requests for an interview, so INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero met him as he arrived at his office in New Jersey.   

Guerrero: "Does John Travolta know about your criminal record?"
Fiore: "That's between me and John Travolta."
Guerrero: "Why won't you talk to us about your criminal record and your movie, we'd love to hear about the film, sir."

Clearly the Hollywood wannabe producer didn't want to talk about his past.