Orphaned Lamb Takes Wobbly First Steps With the Help of a Wheelchair

Rescuers found Pam the lamb unable to walk after being abandoned in a field at just a few days old.

Veterinarians never thought this orphaned lamb would overcome her disabilities, but she’s taking her first wobbly steps.

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One-month-old Pam the lamb could be seen in a video licensed to SWNS hobbling around a porch with the help of a wheelchair.

Pam was recently rescued after being abandoned in a field at just a few days old.

"We are not sure what happened but we think some people at a dairy farm might have thrown her away because she is a female,” said Isadora Godoy of the Santuario Igualdad animal shelter in El Monte, Chile. "If she hadn't have been found she would have died in a day or two.”

The orphaned lamb could barely walk, but sanctuary workers were hopeful they could nurse her back to health.

They later discovered she was disabled due to a spinal injury.

But shelter workers refused to give up, and decided to fashion a sheep-sized wheelchair to help her learn to walk.

"We put her in a wheelchair through the day so that she can exercise and get more steady on her feet,” Godoy said. “It’s really funny to watch her learning to walk.”

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Godoy explained Pam the lamb may never learn to walk independently, but they plan to be with her every shaky step of the way.

"Pam is the most happy and enthusiastic little lamb,” she added.

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