Dozens of Fans Dressed Up Like 'Magnum P.I.' at Ballgame Get Booted for Being Too Rowdy

It was all part of bachelor party for Joe Tuccini at Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers.

Some of the 45 men who dressed as Magnum P.I. during Saturday’s Detroit Tigers game are explaining why they were thrown out of the stadium.

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The men showed up wearing Hawaiian shirts, fake mustaches and Detroit Tigers baseball hats, just like Tom Selleck in the popular 80s show. It was a bachelor party for Joe Tuccini, 42.

Some of the group explained to Inside Edition that they donned the outfits because Magnum P.I. "has a beautiful mustache, he picks up all the ladies, drives a hot car and loves the Detroit Tigers" while solving crime.

Fans at Comerica Park loved the costumes and the friends posed for photos in the stands. But in true bachelor party form, they apparently got too rowdy and were evicted from the ballfield.

A spokeswoman for the Tigers told Inside Edition the men were ordered out because they were "catcalling" and doing other things "you wouldn't want your children to see."

"We got a little rowdy, I will admit," Tuccini told Inside Edition.

One of his friends said he wanted to distance himself and Tuccini from the louder members of the group.

"If three people are being unruly, throw them on the other side of the fence," he said.

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Security rounded up the rowdy guys and revoked their tickets, which drew boos from other fans.

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