Baby Rhino Begs Mom for Attention on World Rhino Day

It may be World Rhino Day, but that doesn't mean this mama gets the day off.

It may be World Rhino Day, but that doesn't mean this mama gets the day off.

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Ike, an Eastern black rhino calf, can be seen in footage from the Chester Zoo nagging his mom Zuri as it seems she would much rather be taking a nap.

The 2-month-old is one of two critically endangered Eastern black rhino calves born only weeks apart at the zoo.

Their birth is significant to conservationists due to the species’ dwindling numbers due to poaching. Experts believe there are less than 650 Eastern black rhinos in the wild across Africa.

“Almost two rhinos have been killed every day in Africa for nine straight years, and they could be extinct in as little as 10 years,” said zoo coordinator Stuart Nixon.

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He explained some cultures believe in the medicinal value of the rhino's horn, which is made primarily of keratin.

“You’re likely to get exactly the same health benefits by chewing your own finger nails as you are taking powdered rhino horn," Nixon said.

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