WWII Veteran Battling Dementia Serenades Wife with Classic Jazz Song for Their 75th Anniversary

Although 94-year-old Edward Hardy struggles with his memory, he will never forget how to play 1950s classic "Misty" for his 92-year-old wife.

This World War II veteran may struggle to remember, but he hasn't forgotten the music, which he recently used to serenade his wife of 75 years on their anniversary.

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Edward Hardy, 94, played the 1950s jazz classic “Misty” Thursday for his wife, 92-year-old Betty Hardy, on the piano in celebration of their wedding anniversary.

“It’s amazing, because even though he’s got dementia, you can name a tune and he can just play it,” Sam Kinsella, who works at the couples’ nursing home in Somerset, England, told SWNS.

The couple met when they were teenagers, just before Edward left to serve as a musician in Malaysia and India during World War II.  

Betty fondly recalled traveling and exploring the world with Edward and the musical career he pursued when he returned from the war.

“We saw the whole [United States], from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico,” she said. “When we played concerts, Ed and I would start the dancing off to get the other couples on the floor.”

Edward and his wife were separated last year when he was diagnosed with dementia and needed to be moved into a nursing home, but Betty joined him weeks later.

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Although Edward has troubles with his memory, staff at the Mellifont Abbey said music is still fresh in his mind.

"When they started playing together and talking about the old times, that’s when it started coming back to him," Kinsella said.  

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