Woman Charged After Allegedly Leaving Baby in Hot Car While She Shopped

She said she had to go make a return, according to authorities.

A Kentucky woman was arrested after allegedly leaving her child inside of a hot car as she shopped, reports said. 

Christina Krups, 29, was charged with wanton endangerment of a child after Florence police said she left her infant inside a car in a mall parking lot. Temperatures in the vehicle reached 105 degrees, police said. 

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A bystander, Pat Cofield, told WLWT that she was waiting in the parking lot of the Florence Mall when she saw a woman park a black BMW and look into the car through the rear window before heading into the store. 

“I knew there was a baby or an animal in that car,” Cofield told the station.

Cofield, who is 80, asked her daughter to check the vehicle and her daughter allegedly spotted the baby asleep in the car, which was locked. 

The pair called police and stayed with the car until authorities arrived. Krups was allegedly gone for 10-15 minutes and the weather was 83 degrees, police said. 

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Cops broke the window to rescue the baby.

The child was not injured in the incident and was released into the custody of the father, reports said. 

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