9-Year-Old Honored For Saving Her Mom's Life After Car Crash: 'I Couldn't Be Prouder of Her'

Her mother suffered a shoulder injury and cuts and bruises.

A 9-year-old girl was recognized for her heroic efforts after she saved her mother’s life. 

Melina Lakey, who was at 8 years old at the time, was riding home from a movie with her parents in April when their SUV hit a sharp curve and rolled over six times. The car landed on its roof. 

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Melina was pulled out of the vehicle by her dad but her mom, Ashley McCollum-Lakey, was stuck in the passenger seat. Melina quickly ran to help her. 

“She came back and lifted up the side impact airbag to show me how to get out of the car,” McCollum-Lakey told InsideEdition.com. “Once she got me out the car, she went back and helped her dad find my cell phone and called 911.”

Although Melina said the moment was scary for her, it didn’t stop her from jumping into action. McCollum-Lakey said her daughter saved her life. 

Melina, who is a Girl Scout from Pendleton, Indiana, was honored Thursday for her bravery by the Girl Scouts of the USA. She received the Medal of Honor, a life-saving award.

The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana has only awarded one other Lifesaving Award in the past decade, according to reports.

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It just so happened that on the day of the crash, the 9-year-old was learning what to do in case of an emergency with her fellow Girl Scouts. 

“I couldn’t be prouder of her,” McCollum-Lakey said. “Melina and our entire family are very proud and humbled but above all else Melina deserves this.”

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