Real-Life Balloon Boy

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a real balloon boy, a 9-year-old who successfully became the youngest person to fly a hot air balloon solo. But some are wondering if nine was just too young to attempt the record.

This time it's not a hoax!

Bobby Bradley may only be nine years old, but he has already accomplished an incredible feat. Before reaching double digits, Bobby became the youngest person to ever fly solo in a hot air balloon.

The question on everyone's minds wasn't necessarily if he could do it, as much as it was if he should be allowed to.

The internet was abuzz with outraged comments over the child's attempt to make history, including "This is child abuse-endangering the welfare of a child 9 years old. Where are his parents' brains?" and "This is too much for a child alone! If you leave a 9 year old at home alone, that's enough to get you in trouble!

Bobby, however, had no doubt whatsoever that he could fly the balloon successfully.

"I'm nine, but I've been training since I was four," he said.

Both of Bradley's parents are expert balloonists, and their son has been riding alongside them since he was born. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley told the press that they were well aware of the dangers involved.

"Generally speaking, I'd say 'No, a nine year old shouldn't be doing this.' But speaking specifically about Bobby, he was trained and he was ready," Mrs. Bradley said.

"I knew he was so prepared that I knew he was going to fly safely," her husband chimed in.

It was a picture-perfect day in the massive field near Albuquerque, New Mexico where Bobby's balloon, "Heavenly Dream," took flight. As he ascended further and further into the sky for a flawless flight with two other balloons, his parents communicated with their son via two-way radio.

After staying aloft for 26 minutes, Bobby aced his landing. So, how did the nine-year-old feel about his historic flight?

"I loved it! It was awesome," Bobby commented enthusiastically.

Although Bobby was capable of flying a hot air balloon, he certainly wasn't old enough to celebrate with champagne. When the boy reached ground, he and his family toasted with sparkling cider.