Money-Loving Dog Uses Her Stash to Buy Treats

Accidental training birthed her love of cash.

This New York dog loves rolling in dough — literally.

Casi Cook’s dog, Holly, has loved money since she was a tiny pup and even uses her cash to buy treats.

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“When she was a puppy, she was a thief just like any other pup," Cook told "She would always go in our bags and take out money. We were scared that she would eat it, so we bribed her with treats so she would put down the money.”

Once 5-year-old Holly made the connection that stealing money allowed her to receive cookie treats, she began stealing dollar bills all the time.

“In her smart little mind of hers, she put together that money equals cookies and from then on, there was no stopping our money thief,” Cook said “If we are on the couch or something, she will walk over with a dollar and put it on our laps to tell us she wants a cookie.”

Cook said the canine even knows the words “money” and “dollar” and if they ask her, “Where’s your money?” she will go and bring it to them.

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Holly has collected $90 and Cook said her stash is still going up. She can be a little protective over her cash as well, Cook added.

“When I come home from work and I am counting my money, she hears it from a mile away, and she comes running to get a dollar!” Cook said. “When people take her money, she will nudge you, kiss you, and annoy you until you give it back. She loves her money."

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