Will Anthony Weiner's Wife Stand By Him?

Congressman Anthony Weiner's scandal has once again put the wife of a politician in the position of having to decide whether to publicly stand by her man or let him face the scandal alone. So far, Weiner's wife has remained out of sight. INSIDE

Can Congressman Anthony Weiner's marriage be saved?

That's the big question swirling the day after Anthony Weiner's humiliated wife stayed away from his extraordinary news conference.

The disgraced congressman said his wife, Huma Abedin, a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was mad, but sticking by him.

"We have no intention of splitting up over this," Weiner told reporters.

Anne Coulter, the conservative pundit and author of the new book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, shared her take on Weiner's wife.

"She seems like a lovely woman, I don't know why she'd want to save that marriage," she said.

Weiner and his glamorous wife have been married less than a year. She once reportedly dated actors George Clooney and John Cusack, and she's always by Hillary Clinton's side on her foreign trips.

Her trips abroad allowed Weiner plenty of alone time for 'sexting.'

"I think Huma's definitely reaching out to Hillary Clinton for advice. They're extremely close, they've traveled the world together, and Hillary has gone through something like this before, so I think she'll ask Hillary Clinton for advice. I'm not sure she's going to go the Hillary route and stand by her man," says politico.com's Karin Tanabe.

Abedin's absence from the news conference was especially pointed because it came on the same day that the wife of accused banker Dominique Strauss-Kahn staged a very public show of support for her husband.

Tanabe says, "The fact that [Abedin] was not next to her husband just speaks to her character, you know, she's always sort of stayed out of the limelight, she hasn't done many interviews in the past. The only publication she's really talked to a lot is Vogue."

Abedin recently attended a State Department event, her first public appearance after the scandal broke.

Her absence from her husband's news conference is a stark contrast to other wives humiliated by their husband's indiscretions, like former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's wife Silda, and former New Jersey Governor James McGreevy's wife Dina.

The trope of the humiliated political wife has even inspired a hit show, The Good Wife.  

Eliot Spitzer weighed in on the Weiner news conference last night on his CNN show.

"It was the kind of moment that neither politicians nor journalists should be proud of, and believe me, I know, I've been there," he said.

And Ann Coulter told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't care when or what provoked him, [it is] totally, totally creepy,"