101-Year-Old Biker Still Riding His Moped Every Day: 'I Still Get the Same Thrill'

He has been riding since he was 7 years old.

A 101-year-old in Britain still hits the streets on his moped, every single day.

Jock Stares started riding motorbikes 95 years ago, and claims he hasn't stopped since.

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“I was 7 years old and my dad brought home a motorbike which had been discarded and I got it going and would ride it all over,” Stares told InsideEdition.com. “I was the only boy in the grammar school who went in on a motorcycle. It was quite a statement, and it still makes me chuckle now.”

Stares has had numerous bikes over the years. Since he turned 70 years old, he’s had to renew his license 10 times to make sure he’s still fit to be on the roads.

Stares has now “downgraded” to a Yamaha 125 scooter, but in a video shared by Caters News, he can be seen running his daily errands on his bike.

“I certainly plan to keep on riding,” Stares said. “It has been suggested that people over 100 should hand their license in, but I am perfectly confident and happy riding a bike. I don’t see why I should.”

Stares feels that if he stops riding his bike, it will end his dependence, and he will be stuck in his home all day.

The 101-year-old wakes up every morning to do light exercise before hopping on his bike to visit friends and a local nursing home on most days. 

“I am naturally active. I keep on doing all the things that I can do. I have never been bored in my life. Every day I do something positive,” Stares said.

He added that everyone in his neighborhood is used to seeing him on the bike so people aren’t shocked.

Stares, a retired dentist, is due to renew his license next year and said he is planning to.

“I still get the same thrill from my scooter now as I got when I first started riding and when I had big powerful bikes,” Stares said. “I get excited about going to the shops because it means I get the feeling of being on the road again. There’s a true feeling of freedom.”

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He’s passed his love down to his 76-year-old son Roger and hopes to also cultivate the passion in his grandchildren.

"I've really enjoyed all the times we've been out riding. We have more of a friendship than a father-son relationship, and it's always been so much fun,” Stares said.

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