How to Upgrade in Style: The Best Ways to Get Great Deals When Traveling

Traveling is expensive but there are tips you can use to save money and get a better deal.

No one wants to overpay when they travel, and if you follow these methods, you may score an upgrade.

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Many airlines offer extended legroom seats for a price, sometimes for hundreds of dollars.

But if you're flying solo, the best plan is waiting until you arrive at the airport to choose your seat. You may get stuck with a middle seat, but you could also score a complimentary upgrade to a seat with extra legroom.

Many passengers often secure a seat assignment when they book their ticket, leaving only the expensive extra legroom seats.

When Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero checked in for her recent flight from Chicago to New York, she deliberately avoided selecting a seat.

When she arrived at the gate, the agent delivered a little present without her even asking for it.

Without her paying a dime extra, she flew in style with extra legroom, an outlet to charge her phone, and even a complimentary drink.

After landing in New York City, it was time to pick up her rental car.

She had a reservation for a mid-size car and said if you want an upgrade, the trick is to smile and ask.

She asked for a convertible or sports car. When the clerk said he could give her a Mustang for an additional $45, she haggled, and wound up getting the vehicle for $35 extra instead.

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In total, she paid only $195-per-day to drive off in a sporty Ford Mustang. The regular rate is $310.

At the end of a long day of traveling, she made her way to a Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

She asked for an upgrade from her queen standard room, when the clerk asked if she was a Hilton Honors member, Guerrero said she wasn’t. After the clerk suggested becoming an Honors member, she signed up and was granted a junior king suite at no extra charge.

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