Retired Professor Killed by Pack of Dogs While on Vacation

Celia Hollingworth was found partially eaten, according to reports.

A retired professor met a grisly end while vacationing in Greece last week.

Celia Hollingworth was reportedly attacked by a pack of dogs last Thursday near the town of Maroneia, near the country's border with Turkey.

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During the horrific attack, authorities believe the 62-year-old activist telephoned her family for help as she lay dying.

However, it wasn't until Saturday — two days after her call — that Hollingworth was found by an emergency rescue team.

Neighbors at her home in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire, England, said the "kind and friendly" woman was active in her community. 

"Celia was always very friendly," neighbor Andrew Otto, 54, told SWNS. "I've only lived here for a year but when we moved in she offered to store boxes for us. She told she was going to Greece about five weeks ago. That was the last we heard from her."

Otto said Hollingworth largely kept to herself but was "always active in the community."

Hollingworth appears to have played a high-profile role in the group Bath Against Cuts, an anti-government austerity group.

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Hollingworth was also a member of the West Wilts Amnesty group and a University and College Union representative at Bristol University.

"She was a quiet person, and always doing things for other people," another neighbor, Alan Clifford, told SWNS. "There is a lot of people who you can say they were kind or friendly, but Celia had the works to prove it." 

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