Hungry Newborn Snatches Food From Mama Monkey

The monkey is one of two babies born in August.

This hungry baby monkey couldn’t help but steal a bite as its mom was enjoying her leafy meal.

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One of the two newborn mandrills was caught on camera looking longingly at the mom’s food before wrestling a few pieces out of its mom's grasp.

The tiny monkey was one of two mandrill half-siblings born at the Los Angeles Zoo in August.

Juliette, a 5-year-old mother, gave birth to a female while Clementine, a 4-year-old mother, gave birth to a male. The babies share a father, 6-year-old Jabari.

“We’re incredibly happy with how well things are going so far,” animal keeper L’Oreal Dunn said in a statement. “This species comes from a small area in Africa that isn’t accessible to most people, so it’s very special that our guests can now observe babies here for the first time in over 40 years.”

The newborns are just beginning to peek their heads into the public and can be occasionally spotted by visitors playing in their habitats or napping.

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While the species is known for its colorful blue and red markings across their faces, the newborns were born without the stripes and will develop as they mature.

The mandrill monkey species is declining in the wild due to habitat loss and hunting. They are often hunted as bushmeat by populations that consider the primate a delicacy.

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