Is This the Hairiest Baby Ever? 2-Month-Old Girl Already Has a Head Full of Hair

The mom-of-three says she hasn't experimented with different hairstyles yet since she's worried she might pull out her baby's delicate hair.

Whoa, baby!

Baby Pixie Rose Masters has been seen sporting an impressive head of hair since being born two months ago.

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“When she was first born [we noticed] there was something sort of different,” her mom, Jennifer Masters, 32, of Lancaster, England, told “She did have quite a bit more hair [than other babies].”

She even recalled nurses looking shocked when she gave birth to baby Pixie in July.

“When it dried, they were like, ‘Oh look at all this hair,’” she said. “To me, I was already used to having kids with a lot of hair.”

Masters explained her two other children, Ryan, 12 and Kelsey, 8, were also born with a lot of hair but not quite as much as her newborn Pixie.

In fact, Masters said her mom once told her that she was also born with a full head of hair.

While Pixie was photographed in pictures licensed to SWNS with her stylish yellow bow, Masters explained that she’s still nervous about styling her youngest daughter’s hair.

“It’s so soft and fine and I’m scared of it coming out,” she explained.

Pixie was also born with microtia, a rare ear deformity that causes her to be deaf on her right side.

“It’s this tiny little ear,” her mom said. “It’s like a tiny peanut or monkey’s ear.”

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Although many parents suggested her thick head of hair could help cover up the defect, Masters said she doesn’t want her daughter growing up ashamed of her ear.

“I don’t want her to think she has to cover it up because it’s something wrong with her – that’s the way she is,” the mom-of-three said. “If she wants to cover it up when she’s older she can do it. If she wants an operation when she’s older, she can do that. If it doesn’t bother her, I don’t see why it should bother anyone else.”

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