Airline Employee Dresses Up as T. Rex to Guide Plane

It was part of "Spirit Week" for Southwest Airlines.

A Southwest Airlines employee dressed up in a T. rex costume to guide a plane to its parking spot as part of the airline’s spirit week.

The dinosaur was seen ushering the plane in at Orlando International Airport on Monday.

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The airport took to Facebook to share the hilarious moment.

“To those who can't start their week until they see a video of a T. rex marshalling an aircraft to the gate at MCO: You're welcome,” they wrote.

Commenters said the post made their day.

“Wouldn't you love to look out the window and see that!” wrote one Facebook user.

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Airport employees also joked about the dinosaur's attire.

“Looks like that safety vest is a bit snug. Should have ordered the rex-tra large. We'll see ourselves out,” they wrote.

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