Killer Clown Who Shot Future Husband's Wife Is Identified, 27 Years Later: Cops

Sheila Keen Warren was arrested Tuesday in Virginia.

An arrest has been made in a bizarre murder mystery 27 years in the making.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says a woman was detained this week for allegedly shooting a woman who, at the time, was married to the man who would eventually become the suspect's husband.

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And cops say the suspect, 54-year-old Sheila Keen Warren, was dressed as a clown when she did it.

Warren, 54, was arrested in Virginia Tuesday in the 1990 fatal shooting of 40-year-old Marlene Warren.

Keen married Marlene Warren's widower, Michael Warren, in 2002. Palm Beach County deputies reopened the case in 2014 and conducted a new DNA analysis.

According to Bob Ferrell, an official with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office at the time, the killer arrived to the victim's door dressed in a wig and bulb nose while carrying balloons.

"This is the strangest thing I've seen in all my 19 years in law enforcement," Ferrell said following the slaying. "As she went to take the flowers and balloons, the clown shot her. As far as I know, nothing was said."

Marlene was shot in the face at point-blank range.

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Fast forward to today and the Florida officials appear to have gained a little more perspective.

"Any murder's horrific. It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a clown costume or not," Palm Beach County Sheriff's Sgt. Richard McAfee told reporters this week.

Warren is scheduled to be arraigned in Virginia Wednesday afternoon.

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